We believe in the value of living a simple life. We believe in only bringing things into your home that encourage or add usefulness. We believe in being kind, to yourself and your neighbors as well. We believe in hard work and not giving up until a job is complete. We believe that everyone should have a place that feels like home, and that love should abound there. We believe that having joy and being grateful is a choice. We believe that moments should be celebrated, big or small. We believe that stories and heritage matter.

The sum of all of these things is a life well lived.

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Hey there! We are a husband (Josh - the lumberjack) and wife (Terra - the lady) team and all of our products are handmade by the two of us in our little shop in Waco, TX.

This shop was started with the desire to share our love of home and living a simple life. To us, home is a place where we feel welcome, known, and loved. We want you to feel that when you bring our products into your own home, wherever that may be.